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Qwiz Notes

A social network for students to study

Qwiz Notes is an open source social network for students to study. Users can sign up to add notes, automatically generate quizzes and share them with their peers.

I created this site because I felt that most social networks are too distracting. People tend to lose focus for long periods of time while trying to accomplish simple tasks. I wanted to create a network that was focused, but also useful. The automated quiz generator was designed to save students time and help them get the grades they deserve.

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Issue Tracker App

A simple CMS for tracking company issues

Issue Tracker App is a content management system that allows companies to organize and prioritize the completion of tasks throughout the organization.

A company executive can sign up and add any number of organizations they belong to. Once they've added their company, they can invite other users who will have different abilities such as creating and editing issues, commenting on issues, and even inviting other users. sample photo

Greg Answer

My personal portfolio

On this site, I showcase the projects I've worked on and dive deep into my process for web development.

I initially created this site to showcase my skills, provide links to my various social media accounts, and provide additional information about me. After receiving advice from a friend, I decided to make this site specifically to help potential employers discover why I’m an excellent candidate for a position as a web developer.



Planning and organizing is the most essential part of the development process. I always use a combination of the following tools:

UX design
Cucumber BDD


During this phase I need to make sure that I'm focused on the user experience. I am proficient with the following tools:

UI sketching
Mobile design
Responsive design
Materialize CSS
Bootstrap CSS


This is where I like to get my hands dirty. I like to remain efficient while detail oriented. I excel in the following tools:

Ruby on Rails